Difference between 2.5 GHz vs 5 GHz broadband

Difference between 2.5 GHz vs 5 GHz broadband

 in 2021  stable internet connection or broadband is a necessity which we all agree Report says that in  2021 lockdown of all the growth of broadband services in every home in India is approximately 50% which breaks all the records of previous years which is a really good thing.

Nowadays the internet is a necessity for every person and like food clothing and house, the internet has also played a role in our life. Without the internet, nothing is possible today. and that is why broadband connections are very e necessary in today’s life. not only for business purposes or educational but also for daily life stable internet connection is really importent.

What is a broadband connection?

 A broadband connection is a private Internet service providing connection which gives us more reliability on speed and data transfer. as we all know mobile internet is a great way to communicate with everyone use it for our purposes, but the problem with mobile internet is it’s not reliable

mobile internet is use by many e peoples by signals which we get from towers, and for that sometime, the signals are not so good for our needs like important video call for downloading a heavy file etc. that is why the stable connection is very important. 

and here comes the broadband connection in a broadband connection you will get a fibre optic cable which provides you more internet speed than a signal Tower.  because of using a fibre optic cable the connections we get is very strong and reliable which provides almost zero interruption during any work and that is why broadband is so loved by peoples.

2.5 GHz broadband connection

 2.5 GHz broadband connection is an old Broadband connection use by many companies.  GHz refers to the routers clock speed and its connection speed also that’s mean 2.5 GHz refers to a routers maximum package sending capacity or internet speed capacity which is not so good according to 5 GHz.

 in 2021 still, you will find a lot of people using 2.5 GHz routers without knowing. the 2.5 GHz router contains a single band which limit the internet speed provided by the companies that mean if you’re using 100 MBPS speed on a 2.5 GHz router it doesn’t mean that it will provide you full 100 MBPS of speed.  because of its capacity, it limits the speed or and that is a very bad site of 2.5 GHz broadband.

5GHz broadband connection

5 GHz broadband connection is the latest broadband connection Technology with provides a huge amount of speed that you are looking for. in 21 there is no doubt about 5GHz broadband technology by using it you can achieve approximately 1gbps off speed without any problem.

 A broadband connection is a dual-band Broadband connection that provides a dual-channel network speed which is really high.

if you’re ever using a 2.5 GHz router then you must know about the drawbacks of it limiting the speed and the radius of the connection is also not so good. So 55 GHz router is really useful in case of speed or connection. most of the 5 GHz routers use admin login which is a really good IP address to use. some good routers like TENDA, TP-LINK


 so my final words for the topic of 2.5 GHz vs 5GHz around is you can use a 2.5 GHz router but there are some drawbacks that you have to manage like the speed of the connections but the pricing of the 2.5 GHz routers right now is really cheap so you can go for the 2.5 if you have the budget problem. but frankly speaking, I personally prefer the 5GHz router band because it provides you more benefits than the 2.5 GHz routers it provides you with are most 2x speed without zero latency and because of the two bands, you will get the ultimate speed of 1 Gbps which is insane for any work.

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